What Is The Best Flooring For Pets?

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When you invest in new flooring, you want to make sure that it’s durable enough for your family and pets. Every homeowner’s worst nightmare is spending money and time on new hardwood flooring, only to have it covered in scratches and dents in months from your family dog. When choosing flooring, it’s crucial to consider your pets and any pets you may add to the family because certain types of flooring are better than others for families with pets.

As hardwood flooring specialists in Colorado Springs, G3 Hardwood Flooring can help you choose a floor that fits your aesthetic style, satisfies your budget, and is durable enough to hold up against your pets. The pets that pose the greatest challenge with flooring are dogs and cats. When choosing a floor that will last, even with pets in the home, you want something that’s water-resistant, easily cleanable, and has a strong top layer. Keep reading to learn about the best flooring for pets.

Pet-Friendly Flooring

If you have a dog running around your home and plan to remodel your floors, you’re probably thinking, “Wood floors aren’t an option with Scout in the house because he’ll ruin them within a week.” While wood flooring and long dog nails seem like an accident waiting to happen, several wood flooring options are available that are suitable for homes with pets. 

Solid hardwood flooring is a beautiful way to finish any space, but it can be challenging to maintain with pets running around your home. So it’s crucial to find a comfortable flooring option for your pets that can handle if your cat has an accident or your two dogs play in the living room.

Did you know that certain types of flooring are durable enough to withstand possible damage from your pets, such as scratches and stains? So whether you have a large dog running around and are worried about him scratching your floors or a couple of elderly family cats and don’t want them to slip on the wood, the flooring options listed below are great for pets. 

The image shows a cat standing on a wood floor.
  1. Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring
    • One of the most popular types of flooring amongst homes with pets is luxury vinyl plank flooring. Luxury vinyl plank, or LVP, is thicker than other wood floorings on the market, making it one of the most durable types of flooring available. Plus, it’s water-resistant and effortless to clean. So, you don’t have to worry about your dog scratching the floors or your cat shedding and the hair being difficult to pick up. 
  2. Cork Flooring
    • Cork floors have hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties, making them great in homes with pets. The finish of cork flooring is similar to wood flooring. So, if you’re considering a cork floor, remember that it’s not scratch resistant like luxury vinyl plank flooring. Cork flooring is best for pets such as cats, where you’re not worried about scratching your floors. 
  3. Tile Flooring
    • If you want the look of wood floors, but you don’t want to risk your furry friends ruining it, then tile flooring is a great option! By installing tile flooring that resembles the look of hardwood floors, you can achieve your desired aesthetic while enjoying the durability of tile flooring. Tile flooring is also great in an area like the kitchen where you might keep the dog’s water bowl because it makes for an easy clean-up.
  4. Pre-Finished Hardwood Flooring
    • Pre-finished hardwood flooring usually comes with several protective top layers. The wear layer on top makes pre-finished hardwood flooring quite durable and can withstand a decent amount of wear and tear from your pets. For example, let’s say you’re worried about pet accidents staining and causing permanent damage to your wood floors. With a pre-finished hardwood flooring option, the protective layer makes it so that no discoloration or warping will be left behind if you clean up the mess relatively quickly.

Non-Slip Flooring For Dogs

Hardwood floors can be extremely slippery and cause dogs to injure themselves, especially when just cleaned and waxed. To protect your pet and your hardwood floors, place slip-resistant mats or area rugs in each room of your home. Mats and rugs will protect from scratches and make sure your pet has a safe place to walk. 

The image shows a dog sleeping on a wood floor.

Find The Perfect Wood Flooring For Your Home And Your Pet With G3 Hardwood Flooring

At G3 Hardwood Flooring, our team has the education and experience necessary to help you choose a wood floor that’s perfect for your home and your pets. Once we discuss the pets you currently have or may get in the future and your concerns for your wood floors, we’ll present you with some flooring options.

We’ll help you choose a color that fits with the rest of your home’s design, a floor option that’s within your budget, and a type of flooring that’s strong enough to withstand wear and tear from your pets. To learn more about your wood flooring options, contact us today!