The Most Popular Questions About Hardwood Floor Refinishing

It’s easy to see why hardwood floors are so popular in Colorado Springs, and why hardwood floor refinishing makes such a huge difference to the look and feel of a room. While lots of people want them though, they also have a number of valid questions related to costs, advantages, disadvantages, and maintenance. This post tries to answer some of the most common questions related to hardwood floor refinishing. It will help you understand more about materials, processes and what you should look for while trying to find the most qualified contractor for your flooring installation.

What is hardwood floor refinishing?

Simply put, this involves recoating a hardwood floor by adding an additional protective layer over an existing finish. Refinishing is also about sanding the current finish down to the original bare wood before adding a protective layer.

Why do costs of hardwood floor refinishing vary?

There are a number of things that affect the cost of refinishing, from the condition of a floor to the refinishing materials being used to the location and other factors. Costs are also affected by enhancements to floors and variations from standard refinishing.

What should you ask your hardwood flooring contractor?

There are a number of things you should know more about, from the number of workers being assigned to the job, to their qualifications, how long the work will take, what the process involves, how it affects your home and furniture, and what the cost and payment conditions are.

How does hardwood floor refinishing affect your home?

This depends on whether your floors are currently covered with carpet, tile, vinyl or laminate. Sanding is a messy process, even with dust extraction system using a vacuum suction tube, and stains or water damage can also make a difference. You have to think about moving your furniture, find out when it’s okay to walk on floors after the final coat has been applied, and when rugs can be placed. Also find out about floor buffing, screens and recoats, the number of coats of finish, and whether they are water or oil based.

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