How to Care for Your Floors During the Holidays

As a multi-generational hardwood flooring company in Colorado Springs, we know two things very well: 

  1. Holidays mean family
  2. Hardwood floors bear the blunt of all the company

From the fresh Christmas trees brought in for the season, to the constant flow of guests, kids, and pets, the holiday season brings a little less than good tidings to the planks throughout your home. If you’re concerned for the care of your hardwood floors during the holidays, we can help. We have put together a comprehensive strategy, full of steps and tips to make sure your floors can handle the Christmas season.

Christmas Trees

There is nothing as classic as a Christmas tree twinkling over hardwood floors in your Colorado Springs home. Don’t let the holiday glamour fool you, however. Real trees can potentially cause damage to your plank flooring. Here’s what you can do to protect your hardwood:

  • Utilize Kraft paper to drag in the Christmas Trees. This will deliver your pine safely without scratching up your floors. Don’t forget to save some paper to use it again when you drag the tree back out! 
  • While keeping the tree hydrated is important, so is keeping moisture away from your floor. Invest in a sheet of plastic under the tree with a mat on top to provide a protective, yet decorative, barrier. 
  • During this season, have a vacuum handy to get rid of any needles on your hardwood floors. Sweeping may cause more damage by dragging the needles across the floor. 
  • Bonus tip: if any sap gets on your hardwoods then just use an ice cube and pop the sap right off!


Family is very important to us, so we understand just how busy a home can get during the holidays. A busy home means lots of shoes potentially causing harm to your precious hardwood floors. High heels can leave dents in the hardwood, excess moisture from snowy soles can damage the finish, and any traces of rock salt tracked across the floors can leave the hardwood looking filmy and spotty. Invest in an outdoor mat at the door as well as synthetic rugs for high traffic areas. If you’re feeling festive, make a sign encouraging guests to take off their shoes and leave dirt at the door.


If you have pets of your own or family visiting and bringing theirs to join the festivities, be cautious of hazards that pets can bring to your hardwood floors. Stains from pet accidents are the number one problem found in wood floors, and the scent of the pine tree can cause more accidents during the holiday season. It only takes 24 hours for bacteria to form in urine which then harms the finish and turns the wood dark. Scan the floors once the guests leave in case there was a missed accident. 

Pets also have a tendency to get excited with more people around, so in case a glass topples over be sure to wipe up any spills right away with a dry or damp rag and dry accordingly. You never want to make your hardwood floors too wet.

Looking to prep your floors for the holidays, have your in-laws in awe with new hardwood floors, or do some maintenance after the parties are over? Contact G3!

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