G3 Hardwood Flooring is proud to be expert wood floor installers in Colorado Springs. We invest in the time, training, and experience to become the best installers around, giving you a quality job that matches your premium flooring.

The way that a hardwood floor is installed is just as important as the flooring type itself. If hardwood flooring is improperly installed, it can cause a variety of long-term issues that would lead to damage, peeling, cracking, and eventual replacement. That is why when you are looking for a hardwood floor installer in Colorado Springs, you go with the best. G3 Hardwood Flooring has 3 generations of hardwood installation experience, and we are certified through the top wood flooring associations in the nation, including the NHWA, Bona, and Lager. We service all of Southern Colorado and the Front Range, including Falcon, Monument, Castle Rock, and Denver. 


The primary difference at G3 Hardwood Flooring is our many years of expertise, so our team knows how to successfully navigate the complexities of a construction project. At G3, we know how important it is to meet every goal of the project; our experienced hardwood floor installation team will ensure deadlines are met while providing professional communication each step of the way to ensure your needs and expectations are met. 

We are certified hardwood flooring installation experts that believe in the power of a diligent work ethic. We are a team founded in tradition, and we believe that by constantly providing high quality products combined with top notch customer service is how we may best serve our neighbors across El Paso county. From initial conversations and prep work to utilizing our dustless approach, every step of our hardwood floor installation process is designed to exceed expectations.


Why G3

We are Bona certified hardwood floor installers which means that our team was specially trained and certified by Bona to use their state of the art Bona System on your floors. This is an honor that our G3 team doesn’t take lightly, so we always adhere to the Bona professional standards when working with your floors. 




Pre-finished flooring is factory-finished which means that every single board is covered with coats of polyurethane before being oven baked with aluminum oxide to create a very durable, hard acrylic finish. Prefinished flooring is set with beveled edges, so there will be a visible line and not be completely flat. The installation process is quick and effective.


Engineered hardwood flooring is carefully constructed of layers of both hardwood and plywood, which is extremely durable. Due to the way the layers are constructed, the engineered hardwood won’t warp or bow the way typical hardwood floors can. Engineered hardwood is a comfortable, long-term investment thanks to its internal design with gorgeous veneer.


Unlike refinished flooring, unfinished wood flooring is composed of completely raw wood which is sanded and finished at your home during the installation process. There are not any visible lines between the boards, thus giving you a completely smooth floor. Unfinished flooring installation is a much lengthier process than refinished flooring. 


LVP is an increasingly popular home flooring option due to its durability and  affordability over traditional hardwood flooring. With careful installation, LVP seamlessly reflects the texture and look genuine wood. LVP offers superior durability since many of these planks are waterproof, eco-friendly, slip resistant, and ultimately extremely customizable. 


Give our experienced, professional, and courteous team at G3 Hardwood Flooring a call today! We will take the time to understand your project needs, expectations, and potential concerns to ensure we may provide you with a proper, thoughtful estimate. If you are in the exploration phase of your project, schedule an appointment! One of our certified team members will walk you through various, high quality flooring options so you may find the perfect fit for your project.