For an affordable and versatile hardwood flooring option, Colorado Springs homeowners choose engineered hardwood flooring. At G3, we offer a wide selection of flooring types and finishes, and we are proud to maintain the same level of quality across all our products. 


Engineered flooring is a very versatile flooring option, due to its wide range of selection, and its overall cost-effectiveness. We are proud to offer this excellent flooring option at G3 Hardwood Flooring, where our legacy of three generations is your luxury. We install only the best engineered wood floors from the top manufacturers in the county. We service all of Colorado’s front range. Contact us today!

Why Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood floors are a natural, luxurious flooring option that will add warmth and overall value to your home for many years to come. It is nearly impossible to distinguish the physical difference between engineered and traditional hardwood floors with the naked eye, since the difference is below the surface. Engineered hardwood is composed for hardwood and plywood with the top layer being completely hardwood. Due to their design, engineered hardwoods are less prone to warping and less sensitive to environmental factors than traditional hardwood floors. 

This flooring option is perfect for those who would like the look and feel of traditional hardwood floors at a lower expense. Engineered Hardwood comes in a variety of wood options and no two planks are the same. This option is especially recommended for large flooring projects that require wide planks. 




While it is possible to complete the installation of engineered hardwood floors on your own, we always recommend connecting with a professional to ensure the job is done right. At G3, we have a great deal of experience installing every type of floor and can foresee, and negate, any potential concerns before they arise. We are happy to assist with any installation process so you can start enjoying your new floors. 


If your engineered floors are starting to lose shine and show wear, the G3 team is ready to help refinish your floors to look new again. We will carefully sand down the top layer of your floor to remove any scratches and dents before finishing your floors to their original condition. If it is more cost effective to simply replace damaged boards, then the G3 team will make the proper recommendation. 


Maintaining engineered floors each day is very practical. At G3, we want to provide our neighbors in Colorado Springs with the tips, tricks, and tools needed to properly maintain all flooring types at home. When it is time to call in a professional to take care of the deep cleaning needs or concerns, then our experienced, Bona certified team is here to help! We want to ensure your beautiful floors shine for many years.



At G3 Hardwood Flooring, we live and breathe integrity, so it is important to us to always provide the best, most thoughtful estimate possible for any project you may have. We believe that the marriage of high quality products and excellent customer service will yield the best outcome for our clients, so give us a call today to start a conversation about your project needs.