Benefits Of Wood Flooring In Kitchens

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Did you know that kitchens are one of the best places in your home to install beautiful hardwood flooring? Your kitchen is one of the most high-traffic areas in your home, so it’s crucial to have durable floors that can withstand your dog’s paw prints, your kid’s muddy shoes, your dinnertime spills, and more! There are many types of flooring options for your kitchen, but wood floors give a warm, welcoming feeling that other flooring types lack. 

As wood flooring experts with over three generations of experience, G3 Hardwood Flooring has the experience and education to help you find the best wood floors for every room in your Colorado Springs home, including your kitchen! Because kitchen floors are prone to spills, you must choose a water-resistant wood flooring built to last. Keep reading to find out about the benefits of wood flooring in kitchens!

What Kind Of Wood Flooring Is Best For Kitchens?

When choosing a hardwood flooring for your kitchen, it’s essential to consider the wood species, price point, the color, and how the floor would stand up to liquids. You want to choose a species of wood that’s durable enough to withstand all of the foot traffic in your kitchen, such as a maple wood floor. Plus, the harder and more durable the wood species, the less likely it is to warp or become damaged over time.

It’s also a good idea to consider the grain pattern of your wood floors. Wood with a more pronounced grain pattern, such as oak, will hide dirt and scratches better than maple, which tends to have a more minimal grain pattern. While prioritizing what you want most out of your floors, consider some of the best wood flooring for kitchens: engineered wood floors, solid hardwood unfinished planks, and ash hardwood floors.

The image shows a bright, grand kitchen with wood flooring. The kitchen has marble countertops, a large stainless steel refrigerator, white cabinets, a large oven, and two additional convection ovens installed in the wall.

Is Hardwood Flooring Good For Kitchens?

While installing hardwood floors in your kitchen may seem unnatural because wood and water aren’t the best combination, a wide range of wood flooring options are more than suitable for kitchens. Plus, installing wood floors in your kitchen comes with a lot of benefits, including:

  1. Easy to Clean
    • Hardwood floors make cleaning a breeze whether you make a mess cooking dinner or accidentally wet the floor while washing dishes. Plus, all you need to do to keep up with maintaining your kitchen floors is vacuum and mop weekly.
  2. Improved Air Quality
    • Unlike ceramic tile and laminate floors which can trap dust and dirt in grout lines, wood floors don’t trap dust, dirt, pollen, or other annoying allergens.
  3. Extreme Durability
    • Kitchens are one of the most used rooms in a home, so you want to make sure your kitchen floors are durable enough to withstand the heightened amount of foot traffic. Luckily, installing a wood floor with a high ranking on the Janka hardness scale means your floors will last for years. 
  4. Comfort
    • Another benefit of wood floors in your kitchen is that they’re comfortable to walk on and easy on your feet. Standing on stone or tile for an extended period can begin to hurt your feet.
  5. Added Home Value
    • Along with the function hardwood floors provide, they also add value to your home. Because hardwood floors have increased in demand, installing them in your kitchen increases your home’s value. Therefore, hardwood floors are an excellent investment when considering the long run.
The image features an open-concept kitchen with wood floors. There's open shelving, wooden cabinets, and wooden stools at the kitchen bar.

Team Up With G3 Hardwood Flooring To Complete Your Kitchen

Kitchens are one of the most popular spaces in your home and, therefore, require a flooring product that will withstand the test of time. At G3 Hardwood Flooring, we can help you choose a kitchen floor that matches the aesthetics of your home and is durable enough to fight against water damage.
Our flooring experts will walk you through the different species of wood flooring that’s best for kitchens, help you choose a grain and stain that will match the elements in your home, and help you decide what kind of hardwood flooring you want to install. So, to get the kitchen floor of your dreams, contact our team or visit our showroom today!