Advantages of Luxury Vinyl Tile and Premium Vinyl Plank Flooring

More and more customers in Colorado Springs are considering luxury vinyl tile flooring for their homes, for a very good reason. They look good, come in a variety of styles and patterns, are easy to maintain, are very durable, and offer tremendous value for money. They also offer very realistic interpretations of marble, wood or slate, while appealing to designers who want to play with the look and feel of a floor. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a vinyl flooring installation.

Why luxury vinyl tile flooring?

It’s simple: you get a lot of benefits. For a start, luxury vinyl flooring has something for everyone in terms of design options, allowing you to choose from all kinds of textures, fashions, colors, and styles. They are easy to install, light-weight to work with, easy to mold to uneven edges and softer than ceramic tile or stone which helps dampen sound. Some of them also offer antimicrobial surfaces that can fight bacteria. Other advantages include low maintenance, durability that isn’t affected by moisture or spills, and affordability. In addition to this, vinyl products do not adversely impact indoor air quality, possess excellent fire performance qualities, and have a lighter impact on the environment in terms of energy efficiency. Speak to a professional flooring company today to find out how much you can save by opting for vinyl.

Other advantages

Luxury vinyl tile flooring is undoubtedly good-looking. Technology now allows this kind of flooring to simulate the look and feel of hardwoods while being much easier to install than the latter. It’s also really tough, helping you avoid things like carpet stains, rips, scrapes and warping from water damage. In the event of a flood, chances are it’s the only type of flooring that will not have to be replaced, which also makes it such a budget-friendly option. Finally, the difference between vinyl flooring installation and hardwood flooring in terms of cost is pretty vast.

For vinyl flooring installation

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